Anyone Can Say They’re the Best. With QualSCORE, You Can Prove It.

Automate Customer Reviews and Quality Ratings and Show the World Your Cannabis Business Truly is the Best.

Quality Ratings & Market Research Made Easy For:

QualSCORE is the First Fully Systematized Solution for the Cannabis Industry to Measure and Track Quality and Customer Happiness

Real Data. Real Feedback. Real Results. Real Competitive Advantage.

Get a Complete End-to-End Customer Experience Feedback Solution

QualSCORE Closed-Loop Customer Satisfaction System

  • Automate

    Leverage the power of data and automation to increase your sales and profits

  • Collect data

    Gain insights and make better, faster decisions

  • Monitor

    Differentiate yourself from competitors using verifiable data

  • Rate Quality

    Measure your cannabis business or brand’s quality

  • Promote

    Create an audience of loyal and vocal brand advocates

  • Resolve Complaints

    Solve customer problems

Set Your Cannabis Business or Brand Apart from Competitors with Powerful Tools

Anyone Can Say They’re the Best. With QualSCORE, You Can Prove It.

Learn What Your Customers Think and How to Improve

Get SAFE Certified and Prove Your Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Superior Customer Service

Marketing Firepower to Crush Your Competitors

Crush the Competition with Game-Changing Marketing Firepower

Earn the QualSCORE High Quality Award and SAFE Certification and add the official logos to your website, marketing materials, and more

Participate in QualSCORE’s outbound marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and sales

Use verifiable data about customer loyalty, service, satisfaction, and quality to gain consumer trust

Spread the word about how many happy customers you have based on your Happy Happy Customer Survey Results

Appear alongside the best in the QualSCORE High Quality Business Network and make it easy for customers to find your business or brand in the High Quality Business Directory and Product Menu

Cannabis Quality Rating and Market Research Software You Can Actually Use, Trust, and Afford

Accurate Ratings

To ensure our ratings are accurate, we use anti-survey stuffing technology, automatically set survey response quotas for statistical significance, and require that all rated businesses and brands sign a pledge saying they won’t participate in activities to misrepresent their scores.

Verified Results

Unlike most customer review websites and tools, we verify customer purchases and confirm the legitimacy of survey responses. We also conduct Quarterly Quality Audits to review each business and brands’ survey results and the validity of all ratings.

Accountability Systems

We hold businesses and brands accountable for attaining and keeping high quality and satisfaction ratings, so we make it easy to monitor your ratings on an ongoing basis and resolve problems using the built-in complaint resolution system. Closing the loop counts toward the Quality Rating score!

No Tech or Market Research Skills Needed

With QualSCORE, you get a full market research survey software plus a trusted quality and happiness rating system that’s already built for cannabis businesses. Don’t pay more for a tool that wasn’t made for you and doesn’t give you as much.

No Integrations Required

QualSCORE is a turnkey cannabis industry solution that is easy to implement and simple to use. Set it up once and let it run automatically for you. Use our template surveys or create your own to gather all of the information you need to make the best business decisions.

No Hidden Fees

After you get your initial QualSCORE Quality Rating, everything is included in one low monthly fee. Marketing, survey templates, custom surveys, reports, and a comprehensive set of tools and resources are yours to use at no extra charge as long as your account is active.

A Complete Customer Feedback Solution is an Essential Business Tool for Every Cannabis Business and Brand – Get Started Now!

There is no better way than QualSCORE to compare your business or brand to your peers and gather the critical consumer sentiment data you need to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Deliver better products and services
  • Create more loyal customers
  • Drive positive word-of-mouth marketing
  • Improve your brand image
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Increase efficiencies with automation and a proven, trusted system
  • Boost sales and profits

QualSCORE is the only market research survey solution built for cannabis businesses. Everything has already been made specifically for you, so you can dive in and start harnessing the power of customer feedback immediately to skyrocket customer satisfaction and business growth.

In a world of fake reviews, you and prospective customers can trust your QualSCORE Quality Rating to be accurate and reliable.

Get started today! Create an account or schedule a free demo to see what the QualSCORE Quality Rating and market research solution can do for your cannabis or CBD business.

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