Our SAFE Certification

QualSCORE’s rigorous SAFE Certification process is the most reliable independent certification of safety, quality, and service in the cannabis industry.

Based on real feedback from actual customers who made verified purchases, the SAFE Certification is awarded to cannabis businesses and brands that score 91 or higher on the QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) and pass all of the ratings and vetting conducted by QualSCORE’s team of quality experts.

To keep its SAFE Certification, each cannabis business or brand must agree to conduct ongoing market research and collect customer feedback to monitor quality and customer satisfaction and to identify and resolve customer complaints. In addition, it must agree to participate in QualSCORE’s Quarterly Quality Audits and make any necessary changes to retain the highest levels of quality and performance at all times.

The goal of the SAFE Certification is to award cannabis businesses and brands that actively work to deliver the safest, highest quality products and service and to monitor them to ensure they continue to meet the SAFE Certification qualifications.

Affordable for All Cannabis Businesses and Brands

The SAFE Certification is a prestigious credential, but cannabis businesses and brands can apply for it as part of their monthly subscription to the QualSCORE ratings and research software.

Unlike other ratings and certification companies that charge thousands of dollars for this type of certification, as well as yearly (or more frequent) renewal fees, QualSCORE includes the SAFE Certification process at no extra charge because we’re committed to helping the best businesses and brands stand out in the cannabis industry.

Our goal at QualSCORE is to make it easy for consumers to find and recognize the best cannabis businesses and brands, and the SAFE Certification is the most powerful stamp of quality available today.

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