About QualSCORE

QualSCORE is a customer feedback and market research company focused on helping cannabis businesses and brands succeed and supporting consumers in their search for high quality companies, products, and services through its innovative survey software and fully systematized solution to measure and track quality and customer happiness.

QualSCORE provides a full collection of quality ratings, awards, and certifications, including the QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR), QualSCORE High Quality Award (QSHQA), and SAFE Certification.

A variety of marketing tools and promotional opportunities are available to cannabis businesses and brands that earn high quality scores to help them increase sales and profits and to help customers find the best products and services in the industry.

The QualSCORE Mission and Vision


To eliminate fake reviews and make high quality the standard in the cannabis industry by creating a unified feedback system that provides accurate and reliable data which businesses and brands can use to make critical business decisions, legitimize the industry, and elevate the customer experience.


To create a Happy Happy World with Happy Happy Consumers, Happy Happy Employees, and Happy Happy Organizations everywhere. We see the QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) metric being used and trusted across all industries helping people make final decisions by identifying high quality businesses and brands and helping businesses deliver the best, safest products and services to the local communities they serve.

Make a decision! Failure to act is often the biggest failure of all.
John Wooden

Our Core Values

At QualSCORE, doing good is our North Star.

QualSCORE is committed to living our core values in everything we do. From our conversations to our deals and everything in between, our core values of honesty, fairness, and transparency are the foundation and help us ensure we’re always pointing due north – to doing good.

  • Honest

    If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. Quality is our life, and honesty is in our DNA. We hold ourselves accountable for behaving honestly and ethically in all communications and interactions.

  • Fair

    An important part of doing good and delivering high quality products and services is to treat people fairly. That’s why fairness is one of our core values. We evaluate everything we do to ensure our actions are fair to our clients, end-user consumers, our vendors, and our team.

  • Transparent

    We don’t just say we’re passionate about quality - we live it, and to prove it, QualSCORE uses its own system to improve. We value our customer feedback and make our QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) public. We share why we make certain decisions and explain how we rate and certify businesses and brands. Transparency is a fundamental part of doing business for us.

Top 3 Ways QualSCORE is Different from Other Companies

  • Certification

    Unlike other industry certifications that only certify processes, QualSCORE certifies both processes and quality ratings based on feedback from real customers and confirmed through strict vetting requirements, quarterly audits, and ongoing accountability measures. Furthermore, other certifications may charge fees to use the certification, but the QualSCORE certification is not pay-to-play. Cannabis businesses and brands have to earn it.

  • Customer Feedback and Reviews

    Unlike other review sites that include significant numbers of “customer” reviews that are fake, published by friends and family of the business owner, or published by people who were paid to write reviews, QualSCORE’s customer feedback comes from real customers who made verified purchases.

  • Market Research

    Unlike expensive market research companies and DIY survey tools, QualSCORE offers a variety of proven, professionally-written survey templates and custom survey solutions to subscribers as part of the low monthly subscription fee.

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