Our Quality Rating

The QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) is a single, accurate metric that customers, business owners, and investors can use to quickly and accurately gauge the overall performance of a cannabis company in terms of delivering high quality products and service.

Cannabis businesses, cannabis brands, and CBD brands use their QualSCORE Quality Rating to compare themselves to and separate themselves from the competition, and consumers use the Quality Rating to find the best businesses and brands to buy from.

Businesses and brands get an initial QualSCORE Quality Rating using QualSCORE’s professionally-developed Quality Survey (QSQS) to gather customer feedback from real customers who have made verifiable purchases.

Once the QualSCORE Quality Rating has been calculated, the business or brand can use it in marketing to instantly prove to consumers that they’re better than competitors.

The QualSCORE Quality Rating was developed specifically for the cannabis industry. There is no other quality rating tool or score that is as accurate or as easy to use and understand as QualSCORE.

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