Get the SAFE Certification for Your Cannabis Business or Brand

Demonstrate your commitment to quality, safety, and superior customer service with the highest independent certification available in the cannabis industry.

To qualify for SAFE Certification, cannabis businesses and brands must meet rigorous standards and continue to meet those standards to retain certification.

QualSCORE’s SAFE Certification was developed specifically for the cannabis industry and is the highest proof of quality available today.

The SAFE Certification instantly communicates on four key promises

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  • S
    Safe for commerce and/or consumption
  • A
    All products/services available for purchase are independently rated high in quality
  • F
    Fully vetted
  • E
    Excellent customer service

Only the Best Cannabis Businesses and Brands Earn the SAFE Certification

Promise to deliver the highest levels of quality, safety, and service at all times

Earned a QualSCORE High Quality Award (QSHQA) with a Quality Rating of 91 or higher

Passed QualSCORE’s vetting process

Commitment to collect and utilize customer feedback to identify and resolve customer complaints and market research to improve quality and customer happiness on an ongoing basis

Pledge to adhere to honest customer feedback and market research practices

Agreement to participate in quarterly Quality Audits

Do You Have What It Takes to be SAFE Certified?

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Earning the SAFE Certification Helps Your Business and Brand Grow

An industry certification awarded to you by an independent, third-party gives your brand and business a significant boost in reputation and trustworthiness, which translates directly into more sales and profits.

Here’s how you can use your SAFE Certification:

Generate Brand Buzz and Attract Customers

Promote your business or brand as SAFE Certified by using the SAFE Certification logo in your marketing materials, advertising, packaging, point-of-sale collateral, email marketing, and more.

Attract Investors

Discuss your SAFE Certification in investor materials, your business plan, and so on to let investors know you’re a safe choice for their money.

Differentiate Your Brand from Competitors

Show customers your business or brand is better than competitors with your SAFE Certification that instantly communicates quality and reliability.

Get Your SAFE Certification and Join the Elite Businesses and Brands of the Cannabis Industry

Do you have what it takes to be SAFE Certified? Apply today and prove your commitment to quality, safety, and service.

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