QualSCORE Vetted Partner Program

Do you want to strengthen your cannabis supply chain? QualSCORE can help!

If you’re a current QualSCORE subscriber with your own QualSCORE Quality Rating, then you can vet your vendors, build a strong supply chain, boost your overall quality, and make money on your referrals by joining the QualSCORE Vetted Partner Program!

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What Is the Vetted Partner Program?

The QualSCORE Vetted Partner Program (QSVPP) is a revenue-sharing referral program open to current QualSCORE subscribers with their own QualSCORE Quality Ratings that work with licensed cannabis businesses (cultivators, manufacturers / processors / producers, testing labs, dispensaries / retailers, and delivery services), cannabis brands, CBD brands, and other cannabis services.

How You Earn Money

As a QualSCORE Vetted Partner (QSVP) that has a current QualSCORE Quality Rating and an active QualSCORE account, you’ll earn money through a 50% revenue sharing model every time you refer a licensed cannabis business or cannabis product brand to us that completes an initial QualSCORE Quality Rating. That means you could earn up to $300 per referral!

We want to make it as easy and lucrative as possible for Vetted Partners to work with us, so we’re flipping the typical revenue sharing model by sharing revenue with you 50-50 and making it easy to track your payments with a simple referral code.

Why You Should Join

Not only does the QualSCORE Vetted Partner Program provide another way for you to make money, it also helps you identify which cannabis businesses and brands are the best, giving you a powerful way to evaluate who you want to work with to preserve your own brand reputation and ensure long-term growth.

Questions about the Vetted Partner Program?

Call us at 844-QualSCORE or email us at support@qualscore.net.

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