Get Your QualSCORE Quality Rating

Instantly show customers that your cannabis business or brand is better than the rest.

Don’t Just Say You’re Awesome – Prove It with Your QualSCORE Quality Rating Score

When you earn a high QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) score, customers will instantly recognize your cannabis business, cannabis brand, or CBD brand as the best.

You’ll get a quantifiable differentiator that sets your business or brand apart from competitors using something you can prove and consumers understand.

Since the QualSCORE Quality Rating is based on real customer feedback from people who made verifiable purchases, your score is as accurate as possible.

Use your high score in your marketing, and win the QualSCORE High Quality Award (QSHQA) if your score is 91 or higher. Add the award logo to your website, marketing materials, signage, packaging, and more so consumers instantly recognize your business or brand as the best.

Get Your QualSCORE Quality Rating

There is no easier way to show customers you’re the best than with a rating they can understand and easily use to compare you to other businesses or brands.

Imagine What You Could Do with Your QualSCORE Quality Rating

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Raise your prices based on your superior quality and service
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Boost positive word-of-mouth marketing
  • Make better decisions based on verifiable, accurate data
  • Create more brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Attract investors and scale your business

Are you ready to gain verifiable proof that your business or brand is the best in the cannabis or CBD industry? Sign up now to get your QualSCORE Quality Rating.

Here’s What’s Included

Quality Rating

  • Quality Survey
  • Quality Rating Score
  • High Quality Award
  • High Quality Business Network
  • High Quality Business Directory
  • High Quality Product Menu
  • Built-in Marketing

Market Research

  • Customer feedback
  • Brand research
  • Product research
  • Template surveys
  • Drill-Down Survey
  • Happy Happy Customer Survey
  • Happy Happy Employee Survey
  • Custom surveys
  • Comprehensive reports


  • Anti-survey stuffing technology
  • Customer purchase verification
  • Complaint resolution tools
  • Quality audits
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Unlimited users
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Use QualSCORE to Improve Your Entire Customer Experience

QualSCORE is a complete market research solution that begins with a Quality Rating based on real customer feedback, but there is so much more you can do with it to improve the entire customer experience with your cannabis business or brand!

Here’s how a cannabis dispensary can use QualSCORE to improve and track customer satisfaction:

  1. Customer makes a purchase

    The customer gives feedback about their purchase experience in the 60-second QualSCORE Quality Rating Survey.

  2. Customer provides feedback

    In their QualSCORE Quality Rating Survey responses, the customer gave feedback showing they were unhappy with their experience. The dispensary uses this data to identify weaknesses.

  3. Customer identifies a specific problem

    The customer described a problem that hasn't been resolved yet in their QualSCORE Quality Rating Survey.

  4. Customer provides contact information for the dispensary to follow up

    The dispensary contacts the customer to resolve the problem. By marking complaints resolved, their QualSCORE Quality Rating increases.

  5. Customer agrees to receive and respond to more surveys via email

    The dispensary emails the QualSCORE Drill-Down template survey to the customer to collect more information and get to the root of any problems so they can be fixed.

  6. Customer makes another purchase and contacts customer support with a question

    The support agent immediately sends the QualSCORE Happy Happy Customer template survey after the call ends.

  7. Customer rates their happiness with the customer support experience

    The customer answers the 1-question survey, so the dispensary can track their happiness and make improvements when needed.

Happy Happy Customer

Comprehensive reports are automatically created by QualSCORE, so you can track customer experience and sentiment in real-time and make decisions quickly and confidently.

Accurate. Authoritative. Authentic. Affordable.

Tracking quality and customer happiness is critical to your business or brand’s success, but traditional market research is expensive and DIY tools don’t give you the market research and survey writing expertise you need to get reliable answers to the right questions.

With QualSCORE, you get access to all of the market research and customer feedback tools and professional support you need to gather crucial business and customer intelligence but at a price you can actually afford.

Cannabis customers get a trusted source for real reviews from real customers, so they can compare options and find the best cannabis businesses and brands quickly and easily.

Are you ready to show the world your cannabis business or brand is the best?

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