SAFE Certification

The SAFE Certification is an industry certification given to cannabis businesses and brands that meet certain high performance eligibility and qualification criteria at the time of an initial rating and on an ongoing basis.

Specifically, the SAFE Certification certifies that a cannabis business or brand has met stringent criteria proving the following:

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  • S
    Safe for commerce and/or consumption
  • A
    All products/services available for purchase are independently rated high in quality
  • F
    Fully vetted
  • E
    Excellent customer service

The SAFE Certification was developed by the quality rating experts at QualSCORE specifically for the cannabis industry. In addition to product, customer service, and sales quality, cannabis business and brand applicants are evaluated and monitored for quality in marketing, finance, compliance, and operations.

The goal of the SAFE Certification is to award the best cannabis businesses and brands in the industry with the highest credential distinguishing them as fully committed to quality, safety, and service. Therefore, companies that earn a SAFE Certification are fully vetted and monitored through ongoing research and quarterly audits to ensure they’re living up to the requirements of the certification.

Cannabis businesses and brands use the SAFE Certification to set themselves apart from competitors, attract customers and investors, increase profits, and grow.

Consumers use the SAFE Certification to quickly find businesses, products, and services in the cannabis industry that they can trust to be safe and high quality.

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