Marketing Tools and Opportunities

There is no easier way to prove you’re the best than with a numerical score that’s easy for people to use for comparison. If you earn a high QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR), you should proudly promote it and show the world your cannabis business or brand is better than the rest.

To help you spread the word about your high quality score, QualSCORE offers a variety of marketing tools and opportunities, including:

Permission to use the QualSCORE High Quality Award (QSHQA) name and logo on your website, marketing materials, signage, packaging, and more if your Quality Rating is 91 or higher.
Inclusion in the QualSCORE High Quality Business Network (QSHQBN) if your Quality Rating is 91 or higher.
Listing in the printed and online QualSCORE High Quality Business Directory (QSHQBD) for cannabis businesses or the QualSCORE High Quality Product Menu (QSHQPM) for cannabis brands if your Quality Rating is 91 or higher, so it’s easy for customers looking for the best businesses and brands to find you.
Permission to use your Happy Happy Customer Survey (HHCS) and Happy Happy Employee Survey (HHES) results in your marketing materials, website, news releases, and so on.

All of the marketing tools and opportunities provided by QualSCORE are included in your monthly subscription.
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