QualSCORE Quality Rating

The QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) is a numerical measurement of a cannabis business or brand’s quality. It’s calculated based on real customer feedback collected through the QualSCORE Quality Survey.

Prove Your Business or Brand is the Best with a QualSCORE Quality Rating

The brief, professionally-developed QualSCORE Quality Survey takes less than 60 seconds for customers to complete but provides a wealth of data that is used to calculate the business or brand’s Quality Rating.

The sophisticated technology working behind the scenes ensures the Quality Rating is as accurate and authentic as possible, so businesses and brands can use their scores for marketing.

In simplest terms, a high QualSCORE Quality Rating sets a cannabis business or brand apart from the competition with verifiable proof and enables customers to compare businesses and brands using a measurement they can understand and rely on.

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