Customer Feedback Survey Software

QualSCORE’s customer feedback survey software makes it easy for you to learn what your customers really think about your cannabis business or brand.

Without Happy Customers, Your Business and Brand Will Fail

  • Happy customers come back and buy from you again.
  • Happy customers tell their friends about you.
  • Happy customers spend more per transaction.
  • Happy customers cost less to keep than it costs to attract new customers.

Bottom-line, you need to make sure your customers are happy!

You can do it with QualSCORE.

Use QualSCORE’s customer feedback surveys to measure:

Customer loyalty
Customer service
Business or brand quality
Customer satisfaction
Product satisfaction
And more

Qustomer Feedback Surveys Let You Measure and Track Customer Happiness

Conducting ongoing market research to gauge your customers’ happiness is essential to every business. Without it, you won’t know when the customer experience isn’t good enough and changes are needed before you lose customers, sales, and revenue.

That’s why QualSCORE’s customer feedback survey software includes the industry-changing QualSCORE Quality Survey – the only survey of its kind in the cannabis industry built to accurately measure business and brand quality.

Customer Feedback Surveys Help You Make Critical Business Decisions, Increase Sales, and Boost Profits

For ongoing customer feedback collection and analysis, QualSCORE offers a variety of professionally-written survey templates as well as custom survey solutions to help you understand your customers’ needs, problems, opportunities, and more.

QualSCORE’s customer feedback survey tools are powerful but easy to use and highly affordable. The process is 95% automated and implementation is quick with no integrations, technical skills, or market research knowledge required to gather the data you need to build a successful business and brand.

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