Terms of Service

QualSCORE, it's affiliates, assignees, third party relationships, agents, or acquiring organizations reserve the right to update the Terms of Service at anytime, and the updated terms are effective when posted.

Honest, Fair, and Transparent Introduction

QualSCORE is committed to honesty, fairness, and transparency, and that commitment includes making our required legal disclosures as clear and easy to understand as possible. To that end, we’re providing this brief introduction to our Terms of Service.

In simplest terms, QualSCORE offers three types of accounts:

  1. Business Account: For subscribers who pay a monthly fee to use the QualSCORE software for customer feedback collection, evaluation, and consumer complaint resolution.
  2. Master Account: For enterprise-level subscribers with multiple locations and brands who pay a monthly fee to use the QualSCORE software to monitor the performance of their locations and brands for quality and customer experience.
  3. Consumer Account: For individual consumers who use the QualSCORE software free-of-charge in exchange for providing honest, fair, and transparent feedback related to cannabis businesses and brands.

Business and Master Accountholders who are current with their subscription fees and adhere to QualSCORE’s full Terms of Service may use the QualSCORE software for their own internal business purposes. However, QualSCORE does reserve the right to remove any data from the software if it is appears to violate our terms.

For example, data flagged as survey-stuffing, fake, or any other questionable customer feedback or other data will be removed. Our mission at QualSCORE is to provide the most accurate and reliable ratings of businesses and brands in the cannabis industry. Therefore, we use anti-survey stuffing technology, Quality Audits, and manual reviews to ensure customer feedback data is valid and remove data that cannot be verified for authenticity.

Business and Master Accounts can be canceled at any time by the account holder or QualSCORE. Authorized personnel can completely delete their Business or Master Account and delete all associated data at any point in time and for any reason.

For Consumer Accounts, data provided by the consumer is always completely anonymous to businesses. Consumers can delete or manage their accounts and any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data they’ve provided in the QualSCORE system at any time.

All account types are in complete control over their personal and commercial data.

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