QualSCORE is the most affordable market research and quality ratings solution available to cannabis businesses and brands.

Initial QualSCORE Quality Rating and Research Report

To get a QualSCORE Quality Rating (QSQR) score and research report for your business or brand, you’ll pay a one-time initial ratings fee between $300 and $600 depending on the number of transactions your business or brand processes per year.

$300 - $600 one-time fee Get Started Now

Ongoing Quality Rating Analysis and Market Research

$100 per month Get Started Now

Here’s Why You Need It:

Customers change, so it’s critical that you monitor satisfaction, loyalty, and quality continually!

For a low subscription fee of just $100 per month, you get ongoing access to all of QualSCORE’s quality analysis, customer feedback, and market research tools, so you can monitor customer satisfaction, close the loop on complaints, and keep your quality rating as high as possible.

In addition, you’ll get access to survey templates that have already been tested and built for you as well as custom surveys and market research tools to help you with brand research and market research in support of your sales, marketing, pricing, and R&D initiatives.

There is no other company offering as many automated and customizable tools and services to help you build a successful brand based on a quality differentiator that you can prove with real data.

Here’s What You Get:

QualSCORE eReport delivered to you as often as you want – weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly

Access to all survey data and complaint resolution tools

Always current QualSCORE Quality Rating updated in real-time

Chance to earn the QualSCORE High Quality Award (with a Quality Rating of 91 or higher)

Inclusion in the QualSCORE High Quality Business Network (for High Quality Award winners)

Listing in the QualSCORE High Quality Business Directory and/or Product Menu (for High Quality Award winners), so it’s easy for consumers to find you when they want the best cannabis business, cannabis brand, or CBD brand

Permission to use the QualSCORE High Quality Award logo, SAFE Certification logo, and more in your advertising and marketing

Complete control over how your QualSCORE Quality Rating is used publicly

Opportunity to earn the SAFE Certification if your QualSCORE Quality Rating is high enough and you meet all requirements

Want to see QualSCORE in action before you sign up?

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