Solutions for Cannabis and CBD brands

The cannabis and CBD markets are overflowing with products and brands. Consumers are confused and don’t know what to buy. QualSCORE’s Quality Rating (QSQR), customer feedback surveys, and SAFE Certification help customers cut through the clutter and easily find products from the best brands.

Cannabis and CBD brands use QualSCORE to gather customer feedback, establish a quality score, develop the right products for consumers, and stand out from competitors on the shelf with measurable differentiators.

With QualSCORE, you can:

Prove your brand is the best in terms of quality with an easy to understand numeric Quality Rating

Protect your brand reputation by quickly identifying problems, resolving customer complaints, and making changes when they’re needed

Sell more products by promoting them as higher quality based on your Quality Rating score. Show off your rating on your packaging, marketing materials, website, and more!

Build a recognizable brand that people ask for by name

Increase word-of-mouth marketing and loyalty, which leads to more sales and is essential for cannabis brand growth

Charge premium prices to reflect your brand’s premium quality

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What’s Your Quality Rating Score?

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