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What’s Your QualSCORE and Why Does It Matter to Your Cannabis or CBD Business?

Are your products, services, and customer experiences better than your competitors? Is your cannabis or CBD brand the best on the market? If so, you want consumers to know it, right? 

If you’re the best, people should want to buy from your business, but simply telling them your brand or business is the best is unlikely to draw tons of consumers to you. 

Instead, you need to prove you’re the best, and you can do it with the QualSCORE Quality Rating.

What’s the QualSCORE Quality Rating?

The QualSCORE Quality Rating was developed to weed out the bad actors in the cannabis and hemp industries and elevate the best businesses and brands so consumers make the safest buying decisions. As a result, the best brands and businesses will get more repeat purchases, more new customers, and more opportunities to grow. They can even charge premium prices because they can prove they’re the best with reliable data!

The QualSCORE Quality Rating is based entirely on real, verified customer feedback and provides an easy-to-understand comparison between cannabis businesses and brands. The simple 0-100 rating tells consumers how dedicated a business is to quality and safety and how effective a business is in making customers happy. 

Since the QualSCORE Quality Rating is derived from verified customer feedback, there is no way to game the system. There is simply no more useful and meaningful way to compare businesses and brands apples-to-apples than the QualSCORE Quality Rating.

Why Every Cannabis and CBD Brand Needs to Get Their QualSCORE

Anyone can say they’re the best, but with QualSCORE, you can prove it. Why? Because there is no way to game the system. 

Unlike the reviews people see on Google, Yelp, and other websites, the QualSCORE Quality Rating is based on verified feedback from people who completed a transaction with the business or brand being rated.

When your business has the data and a QualSCORE Quality Rating that proves you’re the best, you can:

  • Gain a significant competitive advantage
  • Raise your prices based on your proven superior quality and service
  • Increase repeat purchases, sales, and profits
  • Boost positive word-of-mouth marketing and attract new customers
  • Make better decisions based on verifiable, accurate data
  • Create more brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Attract investors and scale your business

How to Get Your QualSCORE Quality Rating

The process to earn your QualSCORE Quality Rating is easy and affordable. Everything is already set up in the QualSCORE software, which was specifically developed for the cannabis and hemp industries.

The reality is you need a great survey tool to begin the customer feedback process, but traditional market research is expensive and DIY tools don’t give you the market research and survey writing expertise you need to get reliable answers to the right questions. With QualSCORE, you get access to all of the market research and customer feedback tools and professional support you need to gather crucial business and customer intelligence but at a price you can actually afford.

Even better – much of the process of collecting, tracking, and responding to customer feedback is automated within the QualSCORE system. You set it up once, and it practically runs itself. 

Once you’ve collected enough feedback from your customers, your QualSCORE Quality Rating is calculated for you. It’s a real-time metric that shows you exactly how your business and brand are doing in the marketplace in terms of delivering the best customer experiences and what’s coming in the future based on today’s consumer perceptions.

Just subscribe to QualSCORE, and you’ll have access to all of the easy-to-use tools to get your QualSCORE Quality Rating and set your cannabis or CBD brand apart in the marketplace through the power of real customer feedback. 

Want to see how QualSCORE works with your own eyes? Schedule a demo here and see how the platform can help your business grow. 

Questions? Email us at support@qualscore.net, or call us at 844-QualSCORE.

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